Cara membuat Guava Punch nikmat

Cara membuat Guava Punch nikmat

Guava Punch. I love punches, teas, mocktails, sodas. When the Mexican market moved in, I discovered tropical nectars. Mango and Guava are my favorites.

Guava Punch Mix guava and lemon juices in a large bowl or pitcher. Just before serving, stir in ginger ale and seltzer. Serve in tall glasses over ice, garnished with lemon slices, if desired. Kamu dapat membuat Guava Punch menggunakan 4 bahan dengan 5 langkah gampang. Berikut cara mengerjakannya.

Bahan-bahan yang perlu disediakan untuk membuat Guava Punch

  1. Dibutuhkan 400 ml jus jambu.
  2. Sediakan 1 buah jeruk nipis.
  3. Dibutuhkan Secukupnya air soda (bisa plain, bisa sprite/fanta).
  4. Dibutuhkan Secukupnya es batu.

The Best Guava Juice Drink Recipes on Yummly Guava-mango Drink, Guava Drinks, Fresh Guava Juice. Sparkling Guava Punch MyRecipes. juice, ginger ale, seltzer, fresh lemon juice. Refreshing Guava Lime Cocktail Analida's Ethnic Spoon.

instruksi membuat Guava Punch

  1. Tuang es batu secukupnya kedalam gelas.
  2. Beri 1 sdm perasan jeruk nipis.
  3. Tuang jus jambu (jangan sampai penuh).
  4. Masukkan air soda.
  5. Siap dinikmati.

A mouth-watering blendguava puree, ginger and lemon juice, garnished with sprigsmint that add an irresistible aroma and flavour to the Guava Punch. Cooking the guava helps to soften it before pureeing, while straining this mixture helps remove the guava seeds that might spoil the rich and creamy mouth feelthis drink. Add orange juice and guava nectar. Guava Punch by Coastal Clouds Co. is a combinationa trifectafruits, taking tangy pineapples, luscious mangoes, and juicy guavas for a perfectly balanced fruity vape eJuices. The Best Alcoholic Drinks With Guava Juice Recipes on Yummly